Ride Hydration

Precision Hydration help athletes personalise their hydration strategy so they can perform at their best. They work with pro teams in the NFL, NBA, Premier League and UCI WorldTour, including Team DSM (formerly Sunweb), as well as pro triathletes and runners. A one-size-fits-all approach to hydration doesn't cut it because everyone sweats differently. PH's patented Sweat Test tells you how much sodium you lose in your sweat and their electrolyte supplements come in different strengths to match how you sweat.
All LEJOG entrants will receive the following absolutely free!
  • A free, 20 minute Fulgaz Hydration Strategy video consultation with one of their Sweat Experts, to discuss how to optimally hydrate when training on the turbo trainer (and out on the bike) and how to approach hydration for a multi-day virtual event like LEJOG.

After the call, your Sweat Expert will send you a completely free personalised hydration starter pack (worth $46.97AUD). It'll contain:

  • 1 tube of low-cal PH 1500 electrolyte tablets to drink before tough Fulgaz rides, to help you start optimally hydrated and to aid your recovery afterwards (important in multi-day events!)
  • 1 tube of low-cal electrolyte tablets to drink during rides, in the right strength for you based on the consultation.
  • 1 500ml (16oz) bottle to mix your electrolytes up in.

Hydration tips!

  • Before: Arrive well hydrated. Drinking a strong electrolyte drink before a ride (aka ‘preloading’) can significantly improve your performance. It reduces the amount you’ll need to drink ‘on the move’, when you’re focusing on pushing hard
  • DON’T just drink lots of water before a ride! You can end up diluting your blood sodium levels, risking a ride-ruining condition called hyponatremia
  • Drink c.500ml (16oz) of an electrolyte drink with at least 1,000mg of sodium per litre - c.90 mins before you start your sweatiest sessions
  • During: Drink water or electrolytes to thirst. Riding for a while? Heavy/salty sweater? It’s likely you’d benefit from adding some electrolytes to your drinks. Get a personalised hydration plan by taking this free Sweat Test. Ultimately, don’t interfere with what you’re actually there to do by trying to drink too much.
  • Recovery: Continue to drink to thirst and maybe add salt to your food/drinks. Most of the time, just drinking water and eating as normal after a ride is enough. But if you cramp up, feel especially fatigued, or you plan to ride the next day, sip on a 500ml (16oz) bottle of a stronger electrolyte drink in the hours after you finish